Çukurova Furniture & Decoration Infographic

Last year, Çukurova Furniture and Decoration Fair was visited by a total of 41,847 people including 200 foreigners and had 78 participant companies. The fair was held in Adana, the leading city of classical furniture frame manufacturing in Turkey, which alone accounts for 10% of the total general furniture manufactured throughout the country and stands out as the sole classical furniture fair in the country and the region. The fair increases its number of visitors every year and has now become the much-awaited industry event of the region.

company and company representatives
yurt içi 11 ilden 41.847 ziyaretçi
yurt dışı 8 ülkeden 188 ziyaretçi
Ziyaretçilerin Sektörel Dağılımı
Furniture Decoration
Architecture - Interior Design
Home Textiles
Furniture Side Industry and Accessories
Domestic Visitors Cities
Foreign Visitors Countries