TÜYAP Adana Fairs has successfully organised more than 140 fairs in Adana since 2006. Cihat Alagöz emphasised that TÜYAP Anadolu Fairs A.Ş. is focusing on contributing to the economic development of Çukurova Region.  He added that Tüyap had completed the first half of 2017. During these fairs, Tüyap has established several meeting platforms between domestic and international companies. In the second half of 2017, Alagöz invited exhibitors and visitors alike to attend many activities that will take place in Furniture and Decoration, International Agriculture, Greenhouse and Garden as well as HOMEbuilding fairs.
Managing Director Alagöz said Tüyap hosted 5 million visitors from 32 countries attending the 144 fairs held in Çukurova Region for the last 11 years and added "We are proud to see that Adana is referred as the ‘city of fairs'.  The first half of 2017 was very successful, and in the second half, three major fairs will be held." 
 Alagöz added that the fairs made social, cultural and economic contributions to the Çukurova Region and continued; "Our fairs play a role the improvement production, export and employment figures.  We are bringing the manufacturers and the consumers under a single roof to establish new partnerships and business opportunities.” He continued to thank the Adana Governor's Office, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Adana Chamber of Commerce, Adana Chamber of Industry, Adana Trade Bourse, Union of Adana Trades and Crafts Chambers, Adana Industrial Zone, ÇUFAŞ and any other organisation or institution that has helped us achieve our goal.

"Countdown to three major fairs."
2017 had a fast start with Çukurova Book Fair and continued successes with the construction, building, urban HOMEbuilding, Gourmet 2017 Çukurova Food and Regional Flavours fairs.  Alagöz said the countdown for the second half fairs is on, and the first fair is Furniture and Decoration on 24-29 October with 11th Agriculture and Greenhouse and Garden Fairs following it on 8-12 November.  Between 14-17 December HOMEbuilding fair will take place. The preparations are at full speed, Alagöz added. “This year the HOMEbuilding Fair will be held for the second time. With amazing public interest and encouragement from our exhibitors, TÜYAP is doing a first in Adana fairs history and organising the same fair for the second time in one year.  We also have a lot of activities planned for the other three fairs. Everyone at Tüyap is working hard to make the second half of 2017 just as successful as the first half"
This year 11th Adana Furniture and Decoration Fair will be held between 24-29 October. Alagöz said “We plan to host to visitors from India, Algiers, Oman, Lebanon, Dubai, Israel, Irak, Iran, Palestine, Tunis, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Northern Cyprus. These visitors are with leading companies from their respective countries. We will bring them together with the representatives of the industry in Turkey and contribute to the economic activity.”
Alagöz also talked about Adana region’s most comprehensive fair; Agriculture and Greenhouse Fair which will be held on 8-12 October, and added “for the 11th time, our International Agriculture and Greenhouse Garden fair will have a wide variety of products and technologies on display and will create awareness on difference innovation can make. We will share significant information with our visitor during the Agriculture Summit that will bring the producers and users together.”
The second HOMEBuilding Fair on 14-17 December will be following the footsteps of the successful first fair held earlier this year on 9-12 March 2017. Alagöz says the fair is a venue that offers hundreds of selections from housing to furniture, bridal gowns to dowries to wedding organisations and jewellery. The intended audience is those who are getting ready for marriage.  Collections from many designers will be on display during the fair and special campaigns will be offered to the visitors. “HOMEbuilding will certainly be a platform for the young couples” Alagöz added.